Sciatica Pain Relief Exercises In this sciatic nerve pain video, you’ll learn 2 exercises that will help to relieve leg pain …


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  1. I just had disc replacement surgery 2 weeks ago on L5 – S1 but I was told the disc between L4 – L5 is herniated. I was not having much leg pai before surgery but now my left leg and hip is killing me especially while walking or standing. I feel like I’m in a nightmare and not waking up. Could the disc replacement have caused the L4 – L5 disc to move in some way?

  2. Thanks doc symptoms are definitely decreaseing in my left leg numbness tingling you can feel it going into the back

  3. Can I do this exercise during the pain?can it help me to reduce the pain I m 26 year old from india..please help me out

  4. God damn, it is almost as bad as the back pain. I haven't had luck with most treatments but, PT has done some help. I am sure hoping this thing heals and I don't have to go through surgery hell. Also, I am a bit pissed because, I live in a ski town an I missed a bunch of the season! Ugh!

  5. I had 3 broken spines and 3 herniated discs, 1 is a big one, but I only have pain in my bottom, not my leg and with sneezing or coughing I don't feel pain. Since I have fysiotherapy and acupuncture it is a little bit better. The most problems I have is pain in my lower back when sitting longer as 30 minutes and pain in my hip, or in the muscle from my back over my hip going to the front. I now am not sure if I have the pain from the herniated discs or is something else causing my pain.

  6. hey! Ive had a pinched nerve since april 27 2016. I skateboard everyday pretty hard. All day mostly. Doctor said to stay off it back in may but i just couldnt. But recently about 2 months ago i stopped skateboarding because i need this thing to go away. So far my back is like 90% healed but it is still there. Its not pain anymore its just annoyance. I can run miles and walk without pain and i can bend my back without out pain but its is still there. if i can have a response on what i should do please let me know. also the pain is like in my spine now in stead of my lower back and leg but there is still a little pain in one part of my right lower back but not painful just like a needle stabbing it.

  7. My issue is on left side when I sit for awhile gets uncomfortable its irritating the nerve probably pinching it and also in the morning if I stretch the left leg too much it will give a bad leg cramp. I'm not sure what's the issue had sciatica since 7 years mostly good and been seeing an Chiropractor every month since over 3 years helps alot to get. I need to be careful what I lift but never had pain from sneezing or coughing and bending over unless I over do it. What's your thoughts please??

  8. My son does some heavy lifting in his reconstruction work and is having lower back and leg pain very similar to what is discussed. What time of day would it be prudent to do this type of exercise, prior to his work in the morning or afterwards? Thanks in advance for a quick reply.

  9. Doctor Jose i have problem in last disc if i continues this exercise it will heal my spine problems ???

  10. I'm confused. If you have a herniated disc why would you put more pressure on your back? I can only assume that this is because the back can take more pressure? The video really needs more explanation on this. Could you not be damaging your back doing this? I'm just thinking of spine alignment, bad posture etc. and it seems very vague advice

  11. U didn't mention how often to do this, like the other related exercises of yours on video I've seen ! Please !…, thanks👍

  12. Hola jose, como puedo saber si tengo una hernia discal en la espalda baja? Creo que me la hize haciendo peso muerto, creo! Nose si me hernie o no… como puedo saberlo? en mi ciudad no hay ningun lugar al que pueda ir para que me revisen, estoy pensando en viajar a otra ciudad y revisarme, pero en unas semanas, mientras tanto, hay alguna ,manera de saber? Y es grave? se puede seguir entrenando? Concretamente hacer peso muerto… Espero tu respuesta! gracias

  13. I have herniated discs, degenerative disc disease, have suffered for about ten years now. Going to start this today. Thank you for sharing!

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