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Is it helpful to use Traditional Chinese Medicine for a herniated disc in the neck? What does Traditional Chinese Medicine involve? In this video, cervical spine … source

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This is a short practice ideal for anyone suffering from scoliosis. All you need to do this practice is a chair! If you have recently had surgery please consult your … source

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Sciatica, or Lumbar Radiculopathy, is an irritation or compression of the sciatic nerve roots in the lumbar spine. Most commonly, sciatica pain causes lower back … source

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and and and source

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Verona Chadwick from Get a Life Physio Acupuncture demonstrates simple yet effective physio techniques you can apply … source

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Wake up with some Yoga music. Vinyasa Music for early morning Yoga practice. Start your day with some morning vinyasa. Also suitable for Savasana, Relax … source

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This is a short routine if you suffer from scoliosis. Focus on lengthening the spine and both sides of your back evenly. Breathe deeply while you are stretching … source

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Understanding the proper biomechanics of flexing forward of the lower spine will help sustain proper spinal health and prevent disc pathologies. source

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Simple exercises for straightening scoliotic curves that you can try at home. Find out more about Neurosomatic Therapy and Scoliosis at … source

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Dr. Ebraheim’s educational animated video illustrates spine concept associated with low back pain. Acute low back pain: or low back pain with sciatica: – where … source

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Pelvic wall – 1st muscles to contract when inhaling

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