Cobra Pose & the Heart Chakra

The heart is the strongest organ in your body. It is the propulsive pump of the blood about the size of a grapefruit. The better you feel, the stronger your heart will be. The bottom line is circulation. How does everything flow in your body? If your circulation is off, your Heart Chakra is not flowing with ease. The Heart Chakra also rules the lungs and lymphatic system. If we have a physical problem in any of these areas, concentrate on this Chakra. This yoga pose is a classic and as you move through it you are activating the 2nd, and 3rd chakras and ending in the 4th chakra.
How Do You Do Cobra pose Pose?
Lie flat on your stomach on your yoga mat with your hand's palm down flat on the floor at the side of your chest. Inhale, raise your belly button and your chest upwards while keeping your elbows against you and breathing in. Try to use the strength of your spine and not your arms to lift your weight to prevent back injury - you do not want to force your body upwards. It's okay if you only move an inch. Heels, toes, and knees are held together.
Hold the pose for three breaths and try to extend the pose with your back muscles each time. Exhale, relax back to the first position.
If you can’t fully extend your arms, don’t worry, and don’t overexert yourself to avoid injury. Go slow and rest in between poses if needed. Can lay head on hands or fists.