Healing your body of chronic pain isn't always about 'fixing' it but rather getting out of your own way to allow your body's innate healing to occur.
So let's take the next step!
You may be asking yourself, ' How do I heal my chronic pain and tightness?
When it comes to fixing chronic pain and tension, it isn't always so simple. Taking that next step can be difficult. Chronic pain is a complex sensory and emotional experience that varies greatly from person to person and can have long-term effects of fatigue, poor sleep, cognitive dysfunction, and depression and anxiety for many.
Once you rule out any serious medical issues. One tool to healing yourself is here, and it's real and enduring. In our experience, you can get great results from using self-massage/pressure, breathing, and passive stretching. This is a great starting point for someone who doesn't know where to begin, and also a good warm-up pre and post-workouts.
  • Slow deep breathing for regulating the sympathetic nervous system which is often out of balance for people who suffer from chronic pain
  • Self-massage for myofascial release for relaxing the contracted muscles, improving blood and lymphatic circulation, and stimulating the stretch reflex in the muscles. We love our Backhealer acupressure ball set for this!
  • Gentle stretching allows you to increase the flexibility of the muscles without the need for sudden movements, thus decreasing the chances of any injury.