Neck pain is common and can be disabling. It can be long-lasting and reoccurring. It is caused by a sedentary lifestyle or work, poor posture, and stress. It involves the bones, discs, ligaments, or muscles of the spine. It is the fourth leading cause of disability worldwide. During a lifetime 71% of adults can expect to experience this condition. During any six-month period, 54% of adults suffer from neck pain, and 4.6% experience important activity limitations states, the journal of current clinical care.
When we can't get our neck muscles to relax it can lead to stiffness, soreness, muscles spasm, and headaches. It can radiate into the jaw, the forehead over the top of the head down the back of the neck, along the top of the trapezius (shoulder), inside of the shoulder blade, or the upper chest under the collar bone.