Releasing the feet

With 33 joints and more than 100 muscles, tendons & ligaments your feet can often be the root of many issues found in your body; however, with the proper application of the Backhealer Method, they can also be the solution.

When we’re in ski boots, our feet should be locked in. Even then, our feet are constantly flexing while skiing to absorb uneven terrain and help us stay balanced. No wonder the bottoms of our feet, the plantar fascia around the arch area, can be sore and tight after a day on the hill. The Backhealer acupressure ball is great for loosening this soft tissue at the bottom of the foot. It’s firmer than a tennis ball so it won’t give as easily under pressure when you roll your foot over it and more comfortable than using a lacrosse ball which can be painful.




Plantar fascia release 
We like using the purple acupressure ball (Upper & Lower Back) under the foot or the red Acupressure ball (Tendon & Fascia). Apply pressure to lengthen tight, soft tissue at the bottom of the foot.


Backhealer Balls & Yoga Strap Set $59.99 Cdn


Tendon & Fascia - 2" red acupressure ball

Upper & Lower Back - 3 " green acupressure ball

Psoas & Glutes - 4; purple acupressure ball

Black yoga strap

Black mesh travel bag with toggles