What do your personality and your exercise routine have in common?

Let's have a bit of fun and match personality types to some exercise. Let us know which personality you are?
  • Are you a strategic mind, confident, determined, decisive? Doesn't like structure so much? - Do Group Fitness; basically, personal training but with a friend or partner; you'll get extra motivated, more confidant, and have lots of fun.
  • Are you individuated, creative, full of wonder, open-minded? Withdrawn and private? Needing some personal space? - Do our LengthN StrengthN recorded Anytime class; a specialized class that always is different.
  • Are you a leader, bold, dominating, strong-willed, energetic? Impatient, maybe a bit of arrogance? - Do weight training to become stronger and gain muscle; ask Steve about when he was a bodybuilder.
  • Are you kind, idealist, open-minded, and flexible? Needs to flow and have a meaningful workout - Do our LengthN StrengthN Live Daily Class; which offers progressive movement, bursts of wisdom, and body education.
  • Practical, reliable, honest, responsible, and dutiful. Probably good with data. - Do a strength training workout; You'll get some rigidity and directive. Body results tracked.
  • Quiet, full of ideas, creativity, and passion, very sensitive, private. Burns out quickly. Likes small groups, and to help others - Do LengthN StrengthN weekend classes with lots of myofascial releases; yin style with restorative deeper poses and a bit of insight.
Are you doomed to be an exercise sampler? Not necessarily. You just need to find activities that suit your "workout personality."