Whats happens in an energy healing session?


Finding strengths, accessing resources. Quiet the mind, soothe the body, regulate the nervous systems. Build physical, emotional, mental and spiritual coping strategies.


In keeping with the Holistic approach to wellness energy balancing addresses both the body, mind and spirit. At one level, clearing the energy centres heal the physical body by releasing stored blocks. To clear and modulate imbalanced, "stuck," or disharmonious energy. These energy blockages can lead to imbalances in the physical, emotional, mental or spiritual self, thus resulting in unhealthy patterns. Once these blocks are gone, the body can return to its original natural state of movement, flow and harmony.

At another level, individuals with healthy energy centres allow the flow of pure energy to move freely from the lower to the higher energy centres, and the natural state of abundance is realized. Good for a number of health issues and overall harmonizing and energizing the individual.


Clients report

Less or no pain

Elevates energy level

Less anxiety

More self-love and acceptance

Help get through hard times

More body awareness

Improved sleep, decreased nightmares

Helps with decision making

Less emotional

More grounded and balanced

More creative and focused

Managing stress better

Improved breathing

Feeling lighter/weight lifted

Feeling deeply relaxed and calm