Finding Your Center - Connect with your Own Source of Support. Grounding - Work on the Feet.
Worry and fear usually have some involvement with the root center (first chakra), so it's always good to work with it to help ground and restore feelings of safety and security.
Working with the brow center is also important. Worried and fearful thinking is not clear thinking. When our safety and security are threatened it intensifies the upward flow of energy in the body and the downward flow of grounding energy is inhibited. Supporting the sixth chakra helps us to get perspective and think more clearly.
Being energetically grounded orients us to time and space and connects us to the here and now. It brings us into the present moment and into our bodies. Physically this happens through our feet and legs when we create a downward current and any excess energy discharged is grounded out by the earth's conductive surface.
Work on the feet to Ground. Do ankle rotations; flexion and extensions, pressing heels into the floor while sitting or standing helps push energy through the body where it can be released. Bring your awareness into your feet as you walk, noticing how your feet feel in your shoes, or against the surface you are walking on.
Balancing and harmonizing all the energy centers is certainly great for raising energetic coherence to a higher level so that the lower vibration energy of worry and fear dissolves.