Tree Pose & the Root chakra.

In the Lengthen'N Strength'N 2 class, we've started doing standing postures; the Tree Pose is a beginner pose associated with the root chakra and earth. The goal of this pose is to take root like a tree with your foot anchored on the floor while reaching up to the sky. The pose stimulates the chakra at the coccyx and allows energy to circulate from the foot to the top of the spinal column.
The Tree Pose looks simple enough but it is actually physically challenging to balance the hips, ankles, and feet. Modify by holding your finger on the wall for balance, and adjusting raised leg placement, these will all improve with practice. Take a few slow inhales and exhales while there.
Enhances the strength of your ankles and feet. Relieves sciatic pain over time. It's a wonderful exercise for pelvic and sacroiliac health, all of which help your overall posture and spinal health.
Photo: Canva