Recovery tools aren't just for professional athletes.

The Backhealer's collection of soft tissue tools

A yoga strap can be used in many ways, and it’s an ideal tool for skiers with tight hamstrings. A lot of everyday skiers would actually benefit from owning and using some of the more basic tools to help combat delayed-onset muscle soreness and tightness after long days on the slopes. When used consistently, these tools can provide the same kind of relief from soreness and tightness


The set includes:

1 Psoas & Glutes. Purple acupressure ball. 4" inch
1 Upper & Lower Back. Green acupressure ball. 3" inch
1 Fascia & Tendon. Red acupressure ball. 2" inch
1 Yoga Strap. Black
1 Mesh bag with drawstring and toggle closure. Black