What exactly is myofascial release? Fascia (pronounced 'fa sha'.) It's Latin for a band or a bandage...and it is exactly that. A term referring to the connective tissue of the muscles and is interconnected through the entire body providing a framework for muscles to bind to. Fascia can be thick or thin. Our movement patterns and habits create tension points that pull on the entire sheet of tissue. It's akin to pulling and twisting a part of a bed sheet in your hand and noticing the rest of the sheet becoming tighter.
If you have noticed that parts of your body are tight and you have restrictions in your range of movement as well chances are that your myofascial is tight as well as the surrounding muscle groups. Can anyone relate to this?
There are several ways you can get a myofascial release. One of them is stretching. We use the method of applying pressure to the area with the Backhealer balls along with slow, calm breathing in order for the fascia to release.
With continued practice, you can break up the fascia, and gain deeper stretching.
Photo: Canva