Okay, this may sound strange but your pelvis needs you to relax your jaw.
We see many clients with these symptoms. TMD (Temporomandibular joint disorder), or jaw tension, clenching, grinding, jaw locking, clicking or pain can be related to issues with the pelvic, lower back, SI joint, or sacral pain and dysfunction
So what's the connection between the jaw and pelvis?
Well, on a developmental level our faces and pelvis come from the same cell, then the rest of the body unfolds. Pretty fascinating, huh?

Fascia is the connective tissue that supports and connects every cell, muscle fibre, nerve, blood vessel, and organ. It provides support and mobility for our entire body. But this continuous line of connective tissue can get kinks and tangles from injury, or poor body habits, etc.
In the Mysterious connection between your jaw & pelvis, (2018) it states that 'tension and imbalances in the jaw can affect the sacrum/tailbone area because the membranes extending from the bones of the skull, face, and mouth extend all the way down to the sacrum.
In turn, uneven pressures and pulling in the sacral area can affect the cranial attachments and lead to pain, dysfunction, and other symptoms on either end.'
Two great practices are diaphragm breathing while engaging the pelvic floor (gently not forced), and jaw/pelvis stretching (cat/cow and garland pose). Using the purple (Glutes & Psoas) Backhealer acupressure ball on the chin and jaw bone (mandible) helps to release the top of the platysma muscle which reaches down just over the collarbone, and the same purple ball can be used on the psoas muscles to release the muscles around the pelvis. Check with your doctor to rule out something more serious.