DAY 14. The glutes...a major muscle group.

Can you guess how many muscles make up your butt?
You actually have a major muscles group here that all work together. The three muscles that make up your gluteal region are the gluteus maximus, gluteus medius, and the gluteus minimus. The maximus is pretty much the main muscle here because it's the biggest of the trio.

Your glutes are divided into three distinct muscles:


The gluteus maximus - creates the shape of your butt. Besides being a big muscle, it's also really powerful as it aides in lifting our entire body weight. It works anytime you raise your thigh to the side, rotate your leg, or thrust your hips forward.
The gluteus medius is a highly functional muscle that helps with hip movement and should not be confused with the gluteus maximus. It sits along the outer surface of the ilium, near the pelvis, sometimes referred to as the upper butt.
The gluteus minimus is the smallest one of the three gluteal muscles, it lies deep to the gluteus medius muscle. The gluteus minimus is smilier to the gluteus medius in function, structure, nerve and blood supply. Its main function is hip stabilization and abduction.
Newsflash: Your glutes exist for better reasons than just looking good in a pair of jeans. This major muscle group is a key player in explosive movements like jumping and sprinting. A strong butt can also help relieve low back pain and make everyday movements like standing and climbing stairs, that much easier.



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LISTEN to your body. Notice.

Go slow
Learn the breathing.
Practice daily even if for a short time.
Concentrate on the myofascial release parts of the class if you are in pain.
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