DAY 23. Best stretches cont.

Posture 4: Side over posture 

The side-over posture may be used as an unloaded rotational posture to create mobility in the entire spine. With continued use, this posture will create optimal alignment of all vertebrae. Releases mid and low back, may adjust SI joint, is a full spinal twist, rejuvenates the nervous system, opens tensor fasciae, glutes, IT band, and erector spinae, impinges psoas insertion allowing for a deeper release.

  1. Lie on your back in savasana.
  2. Slowly pick up the knee using the abdomen. Rotate the knee over to the opposite side of the body while working to keep both shoulders relaxed on the ground.
  3. As you rotate the knee begin to slowly rotate the head in the opposite direction. Gently pull the knee to the ground as you look in the opposite direction.
  4. Keep the feet resting on the ground or on the opposite leg.
  5. Activate the breath into the hip joint, neck, mid, and low back.
  6. Imagine releasing inside of your hip. Think of the hip joint dropping out and away from the socket.
  7. Imagine each vertebrae separating and slightly rotating. Elongate the entire body from head to toe. Create space in the head and neck allowing it to relax.

The goal is to relax into this posture with slight activation of the oblique muscles to aid in rotation. Eventually, the knee, shoulder blades, and cheekbone will rest easily on the ground. You can use a bolster to support the knee.

If you have lumbar disc issues be very cautious with a spinal twist. Not recommended.
There are four hip flexors, two that act only at the hip, and two that act at the hip and also at the knee. The first two are the most important hip flexors - they're called iliacus, and psoas major.



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LISTEN to your body.
Go slow
Learn the breathing.
Practice daily even if for a short time.
Concentrate on the myofascial release parts of the class if you are in pain.
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