DAY 27. Working with the sacrum
Myosfascial release of S1 (sacrum) 
The sacrum is a shield-shaped bony structure which is part of the pelvis, connects the sacrum to the iliac. This moveable joint can become painful when the ligaments become too tight or loose. This can occur as a result of a fall, work injury, car accident, hormones, pregnancy, and childbirth, or hip/spine surgery. Dysfunction in the SI joint causes lower back and leg pain when movement in the pelvis is not the same on both sides.

The Backhealer ball can be safely used to release the S1:  

* Lie on your back with your knees bent and feet on the ground.

* Lift your hips and place the Backhealer Upper & Lower Back 3" inch ball beneath your pelvis, just above the bony area above the tailbone.

* Lie still for 30 - 60 seconds and do slow breathing. You can keep your knees bent, or for more sensation, straighten one or both leg(s) out in front of you.

* Continue using the ball in tiny moves to target different muscle fibres and find different points of tension around the S1.

Use the Backhealer Psoas & Glutes 4"  ball also for more area volume and a softer experience. Can use a tennis ball also. 

Avoid ball work in this area if you have any cysts. If you have extreme pain, it's recommended to have a doctor's approval.



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LISTEN to your body.
Go slow
Learn the breathing.
Practice daily even if for a short time.
Concentrate on the myofascial release parts of the class if you are in pain.
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