DAY 5. Learn about acupressure balls
Myofascial release is a safe and very effective hands-on technique that involves applying gentle sustained pressure into the stressed or constricted connective tissue to eliminate pain and restore motion. Now you can manage your pain and tightness at home with the Backhealer Method using an acupressure ball and self-massage. 
Why use the Backhealer balls?
Our acupressure balls are effective at isolating problem areas in your body and enabling you to make permanent changes that increase your flexibility and eliminate pain. They allow you to do your own deep tissue massage while controlling how much pressure you want.

Weight - although the Backhealer acupressure balls are lightweight. They are solid and are preferable to hollow or inflatable because they weigh a bit more, and hard balls can be too uncomfortable and interrupt breathing practice.  

Shape - it’s important to use a smooth round ball so you can control its movement precisely when you roll on it. 

Size - three sizes to choose from. Depending on your personal needs you'll want to select the size based on the body part you’re working on.

Also, they are:
  • Biodegradable.
  • Clinically proven.
  • Strong, firm with a bit of flexibility.
  • Super light, great for travel; trip, purse, or pocket.
  • Easy to clean.
    Select the size based on the body part you’re working on.

    Psoas & Glutes - use on the front body; upper chest, abdomen/psoas, and calves, hamstrings, and buttocks. 4 inches. 
    Upper & Lower Back - use on the upper back, mid-back, and lower back, lats, shoulder blades. Can also be used on the inner thighs, buttocks, and calves. 3 inches.

    Facia & Tendons - use on hands, forearms, feet and claves, jaw, and any area you need to get deep into. 2 inches.



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    LISTEN to your body. Repeat.

    Go slow
    Learn the breathing.
    Practice daily even if for a short time.

    Concentrate on the myofascial release parts of the class if you are in pain.
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