Volume 10  Issue 4

Celebrating one year!
We are celebrating one year of online classes since Covid started. We couldn't have done it without you! 


Province-wide restrictions are in place from March 29 to April 19, 2021.

Please note the Backhealer online booking schedule is closed till April 19, midnight. Please call the Backhealer office to book your session.

Under personal and home-based services the order does not restrict services provided in home-based businesses such as health care services. These services can continue to operate.

Following the guidelines of WorkSafe BC we continue to review and redouble our efforts on our COVID-19 Safety Plan; mandatory masks, healthcare checks, thorough sanitization, 45-minutes in between clients.

You will be prompted to fill out an online COVID-19 clinical survey 24-hours before your appointment.

Appointments: 604-366-4743

What's new?


We have just uploaded 70 recorded Length'N Strength'N classes!

Anytime | Ball'N | Move'N | Extended ball | Length'N Strength'N 2

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Length'N Strength'N 2
Our new class on Wednesday and Friday has 10-minutes of ball work and 40-minutes of standing postures or exercise. Standing strengthens the pelvis and ball joints, realigns the feet, and helps to reorganize the brain so standing and athletics become easier.
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Backhealer COVID-19 tip
Washing your hands for 20-seconds is the perfect time to practice your breathing technique. Inhale count to five, exhale count to five. Repeat.

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