DAY 29. Working with the knees
Myosfascial release of the knee

Tightness in your inner knee can interfere with simple tasks like walking, sitting as well as functioning at an optimal level for sport.

Inner knee tightness or stiffness in the knee can be caused by injuries, muscle imbalance, poor biomechanics (turned out hips, flat feet etc), inappropriate exercise, poor movement habits or degenerative changes to the knee or hip. Fast walking is also considered as a factor that causes pain in patients suffering from knee disorders. One of the causes of medial knee pain and/or stiffness can involve increased muscle and fascial tension of one leg which can cause a pelvic tilt and compensatory tightening of other muscles such the gluteal muscles (glutes). Adhesions and scar tissue from a previous ankle sprain (even if it happened years ago), can lead to gait changes resulting in another set of problems. These changes can contribute to tight fascia at this junction of the knee where several low inner thigh, hamstring and calf muscles connect.

The Backhealer ball can be safely used to release the knee:  

* Lie on your front.

* Place the Backhealer Upper & Lower Back 3" inch ball just under your leg, just above bony area of the knee cap.

* Lie still for 30 - 60 seconds and do slow breathing. You can keep your 'ball' knee straight, or for more sensation, bend knee.

*Remaining on front, slide your knee out to the side, so ball is on inside of the leg next to knee. 

* Continue using the ball in tiny moves to target different muscle fibres and find different points of tension around the knee cap.

Use the Backhealer Psoas & Glutes 4"  ball for more volume and a softer experience. 

Avoid if you have had a recent knee surgery.

Go super slow when Ball'N the knee



Top 5 Moves

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LISTEN to your body.
Go slow
Learn the breathing.
Practice daily even if for a short time.
Concentrate on the myofascial release parts of the class if you are in pain.
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