COVID-19 update

Provincial Health Officer has lifted the Covid-19 restrictions on mandatory mask-wearing in Businesses. British Columbia enters Step 3 of the Covid-19 restart plan following the guidance of WorkSafeBC. We continue to keep you safe:
  • Mask optional
  • 45-minutes between appointments
  • Client and staff health screening
  • Strict sanitizing throughout clinic space
  • Hand sanitizer and masks provided if required
What's new with Length'N Strength'N?
We've decided to move the online Live & Unlimited class to Zoom in mid-September. Watch for updates!

Meanwhile, we'll still meet with you in the private Facebook group, Live daily class for back and body pain relief.  



In-studio classes will be coming back in the fall. We'll be glad to see you face to face again. Stay tuned for the schedule.TBA.

The Length'N Strength'N class is 60 minutes of pranayama breathing, myofascial release, and movement.




We have a slew of newly uploaded ANYTIME videos ready for members of the ANYTIME or Live & Unlimited subscription.

Online classes can be used anytime, anywhere. If you are not registered you can sign up here


Plan ahead. Schedule a private session on your favourite days & times, today!

A private session is extremely beneficial during the fall months. 
The kids will be back in school soon, and you'll have the time to take care of your needs after a fun-filled summer.

Easing from summer into fall gives us time to prepare our minds and bodies for cooler days ahead and that time of year is approaching again. Many of us are now eagerly engaged in the final weeks of summer activities; indoor and outdoor. Even the simplest of activities like camping or gardening often require squatting and bending over, which puts stress on your back, knees, wrists, and more.
A private session can decrease pain in these areas by dampening proteins known as inflammatory cytokines, which cause inflammation and pain.

Book an appointment at 604-366-4743
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Backhealer opportunity!
Steve is looking for a writer to help him compile a book for the Backhealer. If you or someone you know is experienced please reach out. Send your experience and or resume to the link below.
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